KRASNY PROJECTS PVT LTD (KPPL) is a young company incorporated in the year 2008 for the specific purpose of entering into Indian Contract Mining business supported by its International Consortium members as under  :

  • Giproshakht , St.Petersburg, Russia: An 80-year old renowned Mine Planning and Operation Company
  • European Ventures Limited , London, United Kingdom: An International Turn Key  Project company
  • United Telecom Ltd ,  Bangalore, India, a leading software, telecom company expanding into mining.
  • Gesco Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. , Chandigarh, India, a leading mining company.

The company has been incorporated as per Indian Companies Act comprising of Indian Board Members with the sole purpose as under :

  • To participate in Indian Open cast and Under ground Mining Tenders
  • To identify prospective projects for Turn Key Mining
  • To conclude Contract Mining Projects

On successful award of a contract to the company, the International Consortium partners as mentioned above will lend all assistance, technical and financial as required for the execution of the project and all relevant sanctions and permissions from the statutory and regulatory authorities of India will be taken to introduce foreign investments into the company as required.

Several Indian consortium members have also expressed their interests to join hand with KPPL in their proposed projects since the technical back ground and experience of KPPL and it’s consortium partners are vast and cover a wide range of experience.


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